About Us

Bright Start Learning Center is a child-centered rather than an adult directed program. The program is based on sound principles of child development and early childhood education. The significance of child-centeredness is that the children, and their development and individual needs, provide the basis for planning the daily program, for scheduling, and for the content of the curriculum.

Bright Start Learning Center Santa Monica, California Each month we have a theme in which we base the month’s activities upon. The theme will be taken into account when planning art projects, dramatic play, story time and all other aspects of the daily program. A monthly calendar of activities will be given to the parents each month – see the website page “Monthly Theme Calendar” for this month’s calendar of activities. This calendar will show one planed activity for every day, but it must be understood that many activities are occurring every day, but they are coming from the children.

As the staff plans for children, the following are among the considerations:
1. The status of the individual child’s growth and development
2. The general developmental level of each group of children
3. The interests of individual children and of children in this age group
4. The material and equipment available in the classroom and outdoors
5. Upcoming holidays and special events, and their significance to the children and their families
6. The season of the year, prevailing weather conditions, and how these affect children
7. The mood of the children on a given day
8. The activity level of the children during various seasons and at different times of the day
9. Skills and special interests of the staff
10. Available community resources
11. Special concerns of and goals that parents have for their children
12. Skills children will need for success in later school experiences.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Full-Time—All Ages
Mon-Fri (8:00-5:30) $1270.00

Part-Time—Blue Butterflies- 2-3 year olds
Three half days (8:00-12:00)  $585.00
Five half days  $890.00
Three full days  $1000.00

Part-time—Red Rabbits and Purple Pandas-3-5 year olds
Five half days (8:00-12:00)  $880.00
Three full days $990.00

Extra full day (all ages) = $100.00
Extra half day = $50.00

Initial Fees
1.      Application fee (non-refundable)—$50.00
2.      Registration fee—A $250.00(two hundred) payment will be obtained in order to hold your child’s place at Bright Start.
3.      Deposit—One-half (1/2) month’s tuition is required two months before start-up date.