Hi Dania and Lydia-

Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to drop you a note saying we’ve had Ethan’s first parent/teacher conference at Kindergarten and academically he is doing brillantly, his teacher was very emphatic about the great start he’d had before joining school, that his essential learning building blocks were strong and he loved learning- so thank you, for giving him such a great head start!

All the best- Ethan’s parents

Bright Start Learning Center was the perfect place for my two boys, Will and Jamie. My husband and I looked all over Santa Monica at the more academic preschools (prepping for the Ivy Leagues), the more artsy types (developing young Rembrandts and actors) and hands down Bright Start is a wonderful choice for kids age 2-5 for its sense of play and age-appropriate curriculum.

The play is so simple and brilliant!!! They have figured out fun – what kids need in terms of equipment and guidelines to play imaginatively and energetically. They keep the academic part simple and effective as well – circle time, some writing and numbers practice, story time. Both my sons knew their alphabets, numbers, and how to write their names by graduation (purple gowns by the way). They transitioned into kindergarten at McKinley Elementary with ease and grace.

The real shining stars of Bright Start are the teachers who have such patience, love, and insight into the behaviors needs of this age group. The directors, Lydia and Dania, have created and atmosphere where the teachers feel respected and well-treated. It is the teachers’ school too and that spirit shows with all the creativity and love the teachers share with their students.

Did I mention the food? Delicious and healthy! They have wonderful snacks of fruits, whole grains and protein. You pack your child a lunch and they give a morning and afternoon snack.

My sons have different personalities – one more serious and intellectual, the other more energetic and social, but also possibly rebellious. They both had a blast, always wanted to go, always in a good mood at the end of the day. I thank Bright Start to this day for the terrific daycare/preschool experience my kids had there. I’m sure this wonderful preschool has contributed to my sons’ compassion, thoughtfulness, and love of play.

Jennie W.

When I first toured BSLC during my preschool search for my then 2 1/2 year old, I knew my search was over. The relaxed atmosphere filled with running children’s giggles on the playground and welcoming warm staff signaled this was a happy place for my child to grow and learn, and most importantly have fun. Immediately, the directors and teachers created a safe, exciting, nurturing environment allowing for an easy transition to starting school. Involving the parents the from the very beginning is one of many BSLC strengths. They welcomed parents into the school during early separation periods, providing encouragement and assistance during potty training (during my preschool search, it was a must that the school did not require a young child to be potty trained to start) and other developmental milestones, and took time each day to connect with me and comment about my child’s day or special interests. The written daily comment sheets by the teachers at the end of each day also allowed for open communication between parents and staff. Though there are designated teachers for each class, the staff works so closely together, and each took time to get to know my child on a personal level, allowing for trusting relationships to develop. They also assisted our family in detecting a health concern, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment. Throughout our three years at BSLC, I took comfort each day in knowing my child’s bright, spirited, and inquisitive nature would be nurtured, new curiosities would be fostered, all the while having fun. Now, with complete readiness and enthusiasm for kindergarten, I can only hope he can access the same kind of thoughtful, caring educators along the way.

Jen A.

Our daughter began going to BrightStart a few months before her third birthday. We were worried she’d have trouble transitioning into a preschool from a much smaller daycare setting and have the confidence to make new friends. The teachers at Bright Start were sympathetic and compassionate to our concerns, and especially our daughter’s. They compelled her to share her thoughts and desires (which have turned into some of the most adorable projects we’ve ever brought home to hang on the fridge) and to listen to that likewise of her classmates. Our shy, little girl steadily turned into a social butterfly which increased her vocabulary and encouraged her to try new experiences from which she had always shied away. Our daughter is soon turning five and her recently-turned-two-year-old brother is following in her footsteps, already making many of the big strides we saw our daughter take two years back. The staff’s creative activities, cultural awareness and hands-on approach to educating have truly made it a Bright Start for our kids.

Sheri H.